Responsibilty of a Global Blogger

At the beginning of our Web 2.0 experience we talked about safety points when writing on the Internet and what freedom of speech and expression means as a blogger.   I thought it would be important to refresh your memory.


1. NEVER  give out personal information.

2.  Do not use your full name, use your pen name or only your first name.  For example, pink milkshake or Ian.

3. You are writing to a global audience, be mindful of the words you choose.

4.  Do not plagiarize on your blog.  Give credit when credit is due- for either information, videos, illustrations, etc.  Anything that is not yours needs to be cited, link to the source if it is found on the Internet.

5. Do not link anything to your blog before reading it yourself.  Take the time to make sure the link is appropriate and something you do not mind being associate with.

6. Use language that is acceptable in the classroom.  Remember, you are writing to a global audience.

7. When leaving comments, use the sandwich method: positive comment, suggestions to improve the post, words of encouragement. Be respectful towards others and their opinions.  Yes, there is freedom of expression, but it is your responsibility to uphold proper etiquette in your writing.

8.  Be a Fair-Minded Thinker (Writer)

Some of the information in this post was used from blogging 101.

Week 4 Blog

This week you will be working the fluidity of your writing. You need to think about how each sentence is connected the the next.  Look at the transitions between paragraphs.  You will not need to highlight anything.  The entry should be at least 450 words.  Don’t forget to cite information that is used when writing your post.  You don’t want to plagiarize your post, give credit where credit is due.


Wondering what Julia things about Eminem, The Beatles, or Michael Jackson?  Click on over to her blog, The People Around Us.

Wondering who Savannah is talking about, “He has a really raspy, quirky, melodic and unique type of voice that when he sings it doesn’t sound like he is screeching. He is from England and Lived in Ireland for most of his life so he sings and raps with a British accent so it may be complicated for some people to understand what he says.”

Do you think you know who Nadine  is writing about? “AKA Marshall Bruce Mathers III, is currently 39 and is from Detroit, Michigan. He has always had an interest in rapping, but began to get serious in 1992.”